Possibly the most glamorous thing I have done as a writer….


I am helping my parents move out of their home of 40 years. You’d think that would be hard work, but it appears that if you choose the full pack and move option as they have, it actually mostly involves sunning myself in a Cambridgeshire garden whilst Pickfords men around me toil. So I am amusing myself by looking forward to possibly the most glamorous thing I have done as a writer, ever.

The marvellous The Bookish Supper Salon and Dadaprojects are taking me and a wonderful group of bookish types to Bassano del Grappa and Verona on 29 April for a long weekend of cooking, eating, drinking, sightseeing, reading, and talking about books. There may be a place or two still available for the whole weekend, so if you fancy the itinerary below go here and book, presto pronto, or if you are nearby (Veneto), then on 30 April (also my birthday – o joy!) I’ll be signing books in the amazing Libreria Palazzo Roberti at 4pm or join us at 7:30 for the gala dinner at Ristorante Belvedere, Bassano, where I will be chatting with Laura H Lockington about Cuckoo (or Finché Vita non ci Separi as it’s called in translation).

Full details here.


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