Soho House, darling

After two weeks of wall-to-wall editing, it’s my birthday, and I’m off to Soho House to have lunch with Agent Simon and Editor Leah. I have my new fancy schmancy dress on, a head full of excitement about the way the new draft of CUCKOO is shaping up after Leah’s editorial suggestions, and a slightly nervous swing in my step. Lunch is fab, and we three had a lot of fun. I try to look nonchalant as I pass a couple of Really Famous People in the lobby.

The weekend sees me cooking for my usual giant bank holiday party – I reckon on about 150 people passing through during the day and night, but I usually lose count, and after the third glass of Prosecco, who cares? The food is always gobbled up. As well as stuff I make, I order a giant parcel from my sis-in-law, who sells the best ham and cheese ever, with her Ham & Cheese Co.


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