Blog Tour Day Six: Dos and Don’ts


Sorry, this should have been posted yesterday. I was in York, though, doing a panel for the Festival of Ideas, ten days of over 120 mostly free events,with talks from world-class speakers, performances, exhibitions and interactive experiences for people of all ages.

I was talking about fly fishing.

Not really. I was talking about crime writing, with Colette McBeth, Tom Harper and Aly Monroe, chaired by Helen Cadbury.

There was quite a bit of travelling involved between Brighton and York, and there’s my tenuous link into my blog tour day six, which is my Dos and Don’ts for Travellers, a collection of top tips I have collated over many years of heading off at any opportunity, including my backpacking year off trip in 1980 that provides the backdrop to The Long Fall. I hope you enjoy them.

My host for Day Six is Handwritten Girl, the blog of Bronagh McAteer, who is a passionate reader and lover of travelling. It’s a great mixture of reviews, writers’ tips and news and adventures.

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