Writer in Residence on a bus!



This week I’m based in Harrogate and journeying between Ripon and Leeds on the glamorous, leather-seated number 36 bus, stopping off at the many wonderful places in between and talking to the people who live and work there and who ride and drive the bus, which runs every fifteen minutes along the route. I’m finding it a bit harder to keep the pen steady than when I was writer in residence on a train, but it’s just as inspiring…

So far I’ve had the honour of being shown round Ripon by the mayor.… read more

Strangeness on a Train

I’m writing this the night before I appear on the Radio 4 Today Programme to talk about my writer-in-residence-on-a-train gig. I’m scheduling the post to publish just after I have finished. You will know, dear reader, if I have made a tit of myself, talked garbage, or forgotten what I was saying mid-spout. I have that yet to discover.

Strangeness on a Train is the short story that resulted from my East Coast London-Harrogate-London writer-in-residence tenure.… read more