I Love Kemp Town Bookshop

So this is what you see when you walk in the door at the wonderful Kemp Town Bookshop in Brighton.

I went in the other day while Big and Little Sons were having their hair cut over the road at Barber Black Sheep (proud holder of the title of  best named shop in Britain), and introduced myself as a local author. They ordered the Cuckoos, and when I went in to sign them this morning, look where they had put them!

I love independent bookshops.

Brief interlude of joy over. One more chapter of rewrites to do and then draft two of novel #2 is finished! (possibly…).

3 thoughts on “I Love Kemp Town Bookshop

    1. It’s scary, though. I lurk until there’s no-one else around then sidle up and introduce myself with a little cough, feeling a little like JR Hartley.

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