Last night I sent novel #3 to Agent Simon.

I am already obsessively checking emails for his reaction, although I tell myself not to be so cocky – if he’s read it so quickly, it must be quite literally unputdownable. And he clearly hasn’t read it because he hasn’t emailed me yet, so it must be putdownable.

Or worse. Unreadable.

He probably thinks it’s unreadable.

But then again, he probably hasn’t even looked at it yet.… read more

Can I have my wife back please?

The upside: pasta and pesto, home made by LittleSon

The title of this post is taken from OldMan’s facebook status update for the weekend, addressed “dear novel writing”.

Yesterday I sent the second draft of  novel#2 off to AgentSimon, and I also hand-delivered the corrected paperback proofs of Cuckoo to Headline Towers (the paperback is out on 13th October 2011).

The past month has been insane – I have worked sixteen hour days, seven days a week to get novel#2 into a presentable state. … read more