If the writing goes tits up…

I’ve just had the most enormous fun making a trailer for Every Vow You Break. For me, writing is like running a movie in my head. So, it seems, is making a movie.

Last week, on a bitingly cold but brightly sunny day, I wrapped up so warm that I could barely move and set off into the wilds of Stanmer Park with YoungSon’s fancy schmancy camera. After half an hour of fiddling, I worked out how to switch it on, and I set off into the woods.… read more

Can I have my wife back please?

The upside: pasta and pesto, home made by LittleSon

The title of this post is taken from OldMan’s facebook status update for the weekend, addressed “dear novel writing”.

Yesterday I sent the second draft of  novel#2 off to AgentSimon, and I also hand-delivered the corrected paperback proofs of Cuckoo to Headline Towers (the paperback is out on 13th October 2011).

The past month has been insane – I have worked sixteen hour days, seven days a week to get novel#2 into a presentable state. … read more

Pretending to be a proper author

Today, to lunch near Headline’s offices with my editor and my publicist, the formidable Sam Eades.

After a week up a mountain in Spain, where dressing up involved putting another fleece over the one I wore in the day to keep myself a bit warm when we sat outside for dinner, the task of looking presentable seemed quite daunting. However, I managed to scrub up, in the opinion of the Old Man, ‘quite nicely’, and set off on the train for London.… read more