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“You’d be crazy not to read this book. Julia Crouch is an absolutely brilliant writer, sharp and compassionate and with a great gift for characterisation and comedy…Fantastic stuff.”
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“Skilfully written and cleverly structured (Crouch is a meticulous plotter)Tarnished is a memorably disquieting story that twists brilliantly from its humdrum, kitchen-sink opening to a chilling, destructive ending.”
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“Twisty, unsettling but unforgettable”
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“so scary you won’t want to read it alone in the house”
Sunday Mirror 

Tarnished, the third and undoubtedly best thriller so far from the pen of Julia Crouch, is a masterclass in menace, a slow-burning, psychological story of love, guilt and obsession which takes us into the deepest, darkest corners of the human mind….Crouch’s chiller-thrillers are always so perfectly executed… terrifying, white-knuckle dramas unfold through beautifully honed and descriptive language, and without losing their excellent grip on time and place.”
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Tarnished is a fast-paced page turner that draws you in quickly and doesn’t let up. I was intrigued, scared and on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want to put this novel down. Definitely Julia Crouch’s best novel yet.”
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Other writers

Tarnished starts off as heart-wrenching, moves quickly to intriguing and very soon after that becomes downright terrifying. You will not want to miss this book.”
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