The Long Fall Reviews

In the press

“A tense and dramatic novel, switching seamlessly between two time periods”
Joan Smith, Sunday Times, June 2014 (see full review)

“Terrific story-telling with plenty of twists that kept me reading well into the night.”
Woman and Home

“A long-buried secret, blackmail and a mother with a lot to lose. THE LONG FALL is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your sun lounger.”
Good Housekeeping

“This is a creepy novel that will have you turning the pages fast and furious because what starts with a hopeful dream soon turns into a nightmare. Julia Crouch is a master craftsman of the psychological thriller and I shall certainly be reading more of her work.”
Bill Spence, York Press, September 2014 (see full review)

Other writers

“Another compelling, beautifully-written book from one of the best writers in a strong field. Once again, Julia Crouch plays on our darkest fears, and makes the reader feel that the closer to home, the greater the menace. Brilliant.”
Erin Kelly

“A highly addictive revenge thriller… Julia Crouch expertly thrusts you back into those heady days of teenage gap years, when anything feels possible, yet danger lurks everywhere. I devoured The Long Fall in two days, and couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards.”
Louise Millar


“The pages turn, the revelations come along at a brisk pace, the sense of dread grows as Kate’s world is systematically undermined. All leads up to a conclusion that brings the narrative satisfyingly full-circle.”

We Love this Book (see full review)
“…a gripping read with a host of multi-layered characters and a compelling travel journal in which Crouch really captures the essence of Emma’s character, the places she visits, and the people she meets.”
Daisy Chain Book Reviews (see full review)
“This dark and chilling story of love, betrayal and guilt shows how one moment of violence can result in a chain reaction that continues across the decades. Highly atmospheric, with fabulously flawed and complex characters, and a super twisty plot, it’s a great read.

“The Long Fall is domestic noir at its very best.”
Crime Thriller Girl (see full review)

“If you are looking for a quick gripping read then I’d recommend The Long Fall.”
A Crime Reader’s Blog (see full review)


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