Blog Reviews of Her Husband’s Lover

Her Husband’s Lover has been feeling the love from the blogosphere. With massive thanks to the tireless community of passionate book bloggers.

Tracy Fenton

It’s a clever tale, chillingly told. As in her first novel ‘Cuckoo’, the author explores the sinister side of female rivalry in a truly unsettling fashion. Her Husband’s Lover is a seductive read and reconfirms Crouch as the queen of domestic noir.
Paul Burston, Paul Burston’s Blog

Her Husband’s Lover is the novel I’ve been waiting for since The Long Fall. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed the intricate weaving of Julia’s plots until I picked this up.
Vic, The Welsh Librarian

…a textured and layered novel which drew me in and kept me hooked, partly because of the strength of the characters that Julia Crouch had drawn and partly because I just wanted to know what the truth actually was.
Jen Lucas, Jen Med’s Book Reviews

This book absolutely blew my mind!…I finished reading (it) last night and my heart is still racing this morning! This is one of the darkest, twisted tales I have read in a long time and I absolutely loved it. From the start I was totally absorbed…
Aileen McKenzie, Feminisia Libros Reviews

…this book left me on the edge of my seat and I literally could not put it down – so much so that this morning I was applying my make up and doing my hair with my eyes firmly glued on the pages! Julia Crouch I blame you for my slightly askew appearance this morning!
Sharon Bairden, Chapterinmylife

Her Husband’s Lover is a psychological thriller that deserves to be read with your full attention – turn off your mobile, unhook the landline, send everyone out of the house for the day and get comfy because this is a book that once started will draw you in and keep you reading all day.
Kate,The Quiet Knitter

With plenty of twists, turns, and unbelievable shocks (trust me you will be shouting OMG about twenty times!) HER HUSBAND’S LOVER by Julia Crouch is a pure masterpiece of crime fiction. Fast-paced, with gripping characters, and exquisite detail, HER HUSBAND’S LOVER by Julia Crouch is a must-read for 2017!!
Linda Green, Books of All Kinds@BooksOfAllKinds

The writing is excellent, presenting vivid landscapes and character studies, and the plot swings our sympathies first one way and then the other.
N J Cooper, Book Oxygen

…with twists and knots as sharp as barbed wire, be ready for a deliciously disturbing and uncomfortable journey.
Kati Barr-Taylor, Crime Review

The plotting is sublime, the use of the information to flesh out the story while at the same time keeping that tension maintained through what is a fairly long book is no less than an art form.
Cleo Bannister, Cleopatra Loves Books

It’s clever, shocking, disturbing, thrilling, and impossible to put down.
Seriously, just read it for yourself; and discover what an intelligent, cleverly crafted and disturbing narrative this psychological thriller truly is.
Maureen Ellis, Shots Magazine

There is no escaping from the events and characters in this book and there is no point trying to put it down, it won’t let you.
Katherine Sunderland, BiblioManiac

Wow! This is one book that will seriously mess with your head! The Queen of the “domestic noir” has taken her reign to the next level with this terrifying and gripping psychological suspense.
Jo Robertson, My Chestnut Reading Tree

This book is definitely up there as one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read. It totally messed with my mind so that I didn’t know if I could believe what each character was telling me or not. For me, it was the epitome of a page turner and genuinely a book I couldn’t put down. I highly recommend this if you enjoy psychological thrillers and are looking for a totally gripping read. I’m sure this book will be huge this year!
Joanne Baird, Portobello Book Blog

I am honestly blown away with this one, an immensely good piece of psychological thriller writing.
Dave Hardy, EDM Editorial & Publicity Services

Her Husband’s Lover is a top pick for 2017 for The Welsh Librarian

The entire tale is completely addictive, one of those books you read fast and don’t like to put down, if anyone is teaching us that the psychological thriller is far from dead it would be that Julia Crouch. Highly Recommended.
Liz Barnsley, Liz Loves Books

Wow people, just wow! This is a cracker of a psychological thriller.
Kim Ebner, The Buzzing Bookworm

5 out of 5
This is an absolute cracker of a read and what a compelling and unsettling thriller
Lorraine, The Book Review Café

A gripping page-turner that reaches a whole new level of psychological thriller.
Tracey Walsh, Tracey Booklover

Utterly and absolutely brilliant!!…If you like psychological thrillers then this book is a must read. It’s one that will haunt you for a long, long time!
Anna the Bookworm, Portable Magic

I didn’t like the ending and yet I loved it if that’s making any sense. Just read it and you’ll see.
Inge, The Belgian Reviewer

I would thoroughly recommend all of Julia’s novels but personally I think this is one of the best.
Candi Colbourn, A Crime Reader’s Blog

This is a rollercoaster of a novel; events and characters are never entirely not what they initially seem and the ending floored me. This is a novel that made me feel like I was on quicksand a lot of the time- I couldn’t trust my judgments… and I liked it. It’s a thriller in every and all senses of the word.
Steph, The Bookish Badger

Holy sh*t balls. This book has so many twists and turns that I now have whiplash. An exceptionally tense and dark psychological thriller which I almost wanted to read with my eyes shut as it was so disturbing in places. I could NOT put this book down, the characters, the storyline, the chilling and gripping plot puts this book into my Top Ten Reads of 2016 5 BIG STARS
Tracy Fenton, Compulsive Readers