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In the press

“A brilliant debut novel… a riveting and spooky story that keeps your eyes locked on the page, and leaves you feeling shaken and out of sorts”
Heat Magazine, 1 March 2011, where it went straight into the chart at number one.

“Deliciously creepy”
Australian Marie Claire, April 2011, where it was Must Read of the Month

“A gripping and thrilling debut – you really don’t want it to end”
The Sun, 4 March, 2011

“what elevates this compelling novel… is the characters. Flawed and repellent but also endearing and recognisable, they make the shocking climax hauntingly believable”
Stylist, 1 March, 2011

“a Single White Female for the Mumsnet generation, Julia Crouch’s debut novel deals with the devastating effects of a dysfunctional friendship”
Bella Magazine, 8 March, 2011

“This is a tale of slow-burning suspense, but Crouch, whose debut novel this is, deftly avoids the obvious and builds up a very convincing air of menace in her extremely well-described portrait of family life becoming frayed at the edges with fatal results.”
Daily Mail

“very enjoyable; expertly paced and cleverly ambiguous”
The Telegraph

“Cleverly structured and hugely entertaining, this colourful and energetic novel has a dark side; it’s exteremely readable but it covers some complex territory…an utterly gripping read.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“What a roller coaster ride, this psychological drama is dark and creepy, it’s completely engrossing and very unsettling at the same time.”
Australia’s Channel 10 Book Club, where CUCKOO was the May book of the month.

Other writers

“Brilliant…truly chilling”
Sophie Hannah

“This is one of those fantastic thrillers that gallop along at a great pace. One of those that begin with a perfect family having a perfect life – and that end in misery, disaster, and everyone desperately trying to bump each other off. And I loved it.”
Paul Magrs

“Seriously sinister – it will make you think again about every close friendship you’ve ever had.”
Jane Casey

“From the very first page, this novel had me entranced. With its utterly believable cast of characters and family life to its enviable and idyllic setting, CUCKOO is an amalgam of brilliant writing and heart-stopping tension. With every page, the tension ramps up to an almost unbearable level. I was literally screaming out at one point! Julia Crouch had me so wrapped up in the lives of the two best friends and the trail of tragedy and destruction that Polly brings with her, it was hard to believe this is a debut novel. Very accomplished!”
Sam Hayes

“Crouch’s first novel is a gripping read. Fluently written with mounting suspense and foreboding, it takes the notion of the friend who overstays her welcome to extremes and the reader knows there will be tears before long if not blood on the Aga. Very good on the uncertainties and vulnerability of marriage, motherhood and friendship.”
Cath Staincliffe

Julie Burchill

“Creepy and compelling; Cuckoo gets you in its claws and doesn’t let go.”
SJ Bolton

Blogs and websites

“Time must be set aside for the reading of CUCKOO. This novel does not allow interruption: it commands the reader’s absolute attention. Julia Crouch’s psychological drama moves too swiftly for the reader to keep jumping up and getting on with other things.”

“Cuckoo is a dark, unsettling read. As Rose’s life spirals out of control, you share every step. It’s very hard to put down, and has stayed with me since finishing. It’s a brilliant debut, which is highly recommended.”
Book Club Forum

“This is a book which will haunt you for some time after reading it…”
Book Bliss

“Crouch’s assured debut delivers tension from the first pages and it escalates to a very chilling climax.  Cuckoo is a novel that is hard to put down.  Crouch has drawn the characters so that we are able to sympathise with them and our journey of discovery follows Rose’s own, as she starts to question Polly’s behaviour and motives.  What is at hand here?  We know that something dreadful will happen, but we don’t know what and that is what keeps those pages turning.  This is absolutely nail-biting drama from Crouch.”
It’s a Crime!

“…a seriously deep book, full of class, intrigue and a complexity that was so unexpected it was a delight to read – despite an overwhelming darkness that oozed from within..”
Milo Rambles

“Julia Crouch is already being likened to Sophie Hannah. I’m sure all readers of Sophie will enjoy Cuckoo. But Julia Crouch isn’t the next Sophie Hannah. Julia Crouch is the new Julia Crouch.”
High Heels and Book Deals

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