Every Vow You Break Reviews

In the press

“Crouch excels at creating an atmosphere of low level menace, slowly ratcheting up the tension to full-on horror for another terrific page-turner.”
The Guardian

“Crouch is adept at chronicling the breakdown of family relationships and exploring damaged personalities.”
Daily Mail

“I devoured it in hours….An entertaining roller-coaster of a read – and one that should not be missed.”

“This chilling story of loyalty and infatuation is so tense it will have you on the edge of your seat….A must for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.”
Candis Magazine.

“Crouch blends social comedy with a thriller plot, and is equally good at both.”
Sunday Times Culture 

Other writers

“Julia Crouch writes so well that her novels are even better the second time around, even when you know where the bodies are buried. That’s how good she is.”
Julie Burchill

“Compellingly reveals the conflicts beneath an apparently perfect happy family, and how what you long for can lead you to darker places than you imagined. An ingenious mix of heady romance and unsettling thriller.”
Penny Hancock, author of Tideline

“The setting and the relentlessness reminded me a little of Stephen King… though I prefer the moments when Crouch is a little more arch and macabre than the Maine man… I loved it.”
Paul Magrs

Blogs and websites

“If you want to get your teeth into something a touch sinister with a bit of a kick, then this is the book for you… just don’t read it in the dark… or by yourself…”
Gi’s World

“…not for the easily scared. A dark, gritty and most of all sinister read, “Every Vow You Break” is an addictive page turner.”
Handwritten Girl

“…it’s a novel of dark brooding tension where bad things are due to happen and the reader is led by the hand deeper and deeper out of the light of the sun and into the shadows.”
Books and Writers

“The dark undertones fill you with foreboding as the story builds to its conclusion and secrets are revealed. An absorbing, unsettling read that will keep you gripped right to the end.”
Fabulous Magazine