Every Vow You Break

Every Vow You Break by Julia Crouch

The Wayland family – Lara and Marcus and their three children – leave England to spend a long, hot summer in Trout Island, Upstate New York.

Still reeling from an abortion that Marcus insisted on, Lara hopes the summer away from home will give her time to learn to love her husband again.

A chance meeting at a party reacquaints the family with Marcus’s old actor friend, Stephen. What Marcus doesn’t know is that, back in the day, Lara and Stephen had an affair that nearly ended his marriage.

Lara feels herself drawn back towards Stephen and they pick up their secret relationship where they left off.

Lara knows that the game she’s playing is dangerous; what she doesn’t realise is that it’s also deadly.

‘Crouch excels at creating an atmosphere of low level menace, slowly ratcheting up the tension to full-on horror for another terrific page-turner.’
The Guardian

‘Crouch is adept at chronicling the breakdown of family relationships and exploring damaged personalities.
Daily Mail

‘I devoured it in hours….An entertaining roller-coaster of a read – and one that should not be missed.’

‘This chilling story of loyalty and infatuation is so tense it will have you on the edge of your seat….A must for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.’
Candis Magazine.