Too Much to Do!

Jamie Harrison interviewing me at Crawley Wordfest. I might look a bit miffed, but that's my thinking face, honest.

I have had an extremely busy week with my Every Vow You Break launch party on Tuesday and the Cuckoo One Town One Book event as the finale of Crawley Wordfest.

‘But surely,’ I hear you say. ‘That’s only two things to do in a whole week? Most people have to do at least thirty things a day to make their living?’

The thing is, I’m working every other spare minute on the second draft of my third novel, (which now has the working title Bad Jean).  It’s the one big downside to this producing one book a year business – because of production schedules, you end up with your next book at the point where it really needs to be delivered to your editor (and therefore at its most demanding)  just as your previous one is saying hello to the world. I feel guilty when I’m not at my Bad Jean, but Every Vow You Break needs my attention just as much right now, and Cuckoo still wants me sometimes as well…

And yes, I know I’m making them sound like babies.

I shouldn’t even be writing this…

But I just have to say, for the record, that I had a wonderful launch at the wonderful Goldsboro Books, with lots of lovely book and life friends and family. My sister-in-law Alison provided the food again (top notch salume, parma ham, parmesan cheese and mozzarella from her Ham & Cheese Company) and there was plenty of wine and laughter. And books, of course. I only wish I’d remembered to get someone to take photos…

The Crawley event was a blast, too. It was a great honour for Cuckoo to be chosen for the Wordfest One Town One Book. In the month preceding the event, copies of the book had been available all over town – in the library, in Waterstones County Mall and in Cupcake Genie. I love getting out, meeting readers and talking about my work, and I had a great time being interviewed by Jamie Harrison and answering some fantastic questions from a large audience. Then I ran a rather shambolic auction for a beautiful print/textile artwork by Cassandra Harrison, inspired by a line from Cuckoo. However inept I was, we still managed to raise a good sum. I drove away with some delicious Cupcake Genie cupcakes, a print of the artwork and a beautiful bunch of flowers. There’s an inspiring energy around Wordfest and the people who make it. Thank you, Crawley and here’s to next year.

Now, back to that naughty Bad Jean.

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