Too Much to Do!

Jamie Harrison interviewing me at Crawley Wordfest. I might look a bit miffed, but that's my thinking face, honest.

I have had an extremely busy week with my Every Vow You Break launch party on Tuesday and the Cuckoo One Town One Book event as the finale of Crawley Wordfest.

‘But surely,’ I hear you say. ‘That’s only two things to do in a whole week? Most people have to do at least thirty things a day to make their living?’

The thing is, I’m working every other spare minute on the second draft of my third novel, (which now has the working title Bad Jean).  … read more

Julia and the Book Factory

On Friday I went with Sam Eades, my lovely publicist at Headline, to Clays printers in Bungay, to see Every Vow You Break roll off the presses. I had been told by David Headley at Goldsboro Books and S J Watson that it was an astounding day out (‘like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for book nerds’), and that the sandwiches were very good. They were right on all counts.

After those remarkable sandwiches at Cambridge House, a beautiful Georgian building where the company started and which they now use for hospitality, We were shown around the massive factory by the lovely Vicky Ellis and Phil and Steve, having a peek at every single part of the process.… read more

Publication day

Lovely flowers from Headline.

Today is the day that Cuckoo hits the world. It feels a little unreal, though, because I know that people have been able to buy the hardback from Amazon for over a week now – some have read it already – and the launch isn’t until tomorrow. So, after putting the rubbish out,  I’m spending the day mulling over my reading for tomorrow and writing my usual 2000 words for novel #2.… read more