Parmesan? in a bookshop?

Photo by Peter Chrisp

So it was my book launch on Friday. And what a night!

Alison with some of the best Parmesan cheese in the world

Brighton Waterstone’s hosted the event, Headline very generously provided the wine and my sister in law, Alison Crouch, provided the food, which was a highlight of the night. She imports Parma ham, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Salume from Italy and France and sells them in Borough Market and online. … read more

Publication day

Lovely flowers from Headline.

Today is the day that Cuckoo hits the world. It feels a little unreal, though, because I know that people have been able to buy the hardback from Amazon for over a week now – some have read it already – and the launch isn’t until tomorrow. So, after putting the rubbish out,  I’m spending the day mulling over my reading for tomorrow and writing my usual 2000 words for novel #2.… read more

First signing

No mistakes...

This was the one I have dreamed about since I was a wee girl.

I signed, dated and “First-Lined” 18 hardback copies of CUCKOO for Alan White Fine Books who specialises in signed first editions. As he’s based in Brighton, Alan brought the books round to my house, so I have been broken into signing quite gently – at my kitchen table.

I always use a fountain pen, and I was surprised when Alan said that I was only the second author he’d seen using one.… read more

Busy busy

They've arrived! Real books, nestling on a fleece

Guilt! Guilt! I’m a bad, infrequent blogger.

I am busier than I ever thought it was possible to be. I mean it’s only one book that’s being published on March 3. And I’m working on the second draft of just one other book, to be delivered at the latest by the end of March, but ideally in the middle of the month.

Two things. That’s not much. When I was web designing I was juggling five or six projects all the time. … read more

*Emerges briefly from second draft*

Somewhere I have been other than at my desk

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. The reason is that I’ve been busy writing the second draft of novel#2. This means that a) my typing fingers are too exhausted at the end of the day to do a blog post and b) there’s nothing worth blogging about, because all I do is write.

That’s not strictly true, because I have had a little trip to New York, and some lovely nights in and out with friends and family.… read more

Knickers off!

People have been reading proof copies of CUCKOO. People I don’t know, as well as people I do know.

In both instances it feels like taking my knickers off in public.

One of the most disconcerting readers is BigSon, who has been sitting beside me on planes etc these holidays with it glued to his face, stopping every now and then to tell me that he likes a passage. He seems to be steaming through it faster than he does most books (it took him about three months to read FREEDOM, and he still hasn’t finished it).… read more