Edinburgh Here I Come

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 Brochure Cover


During the Festival Fringe we have regularly rented a house or flat in some cheaper part of Edinburgh to accommodate family, friends and company members while my husband Tim puts on a show at the Traverse.

This means a part of my August has often been spent in a mad rush of shows, galleries, and keeping the children happy (Edinburgh Dungeon, Zoo, etc.) while the old man works. Hours, perhaps even days, have been spent eating chilli nachos and drinking Hendricks and tonic in the Traverse Bar, waiting for the next show, or for Tim to be interviewed, or meeting actors, playwrights, directors and bookers from around the world.… read more

Nearly There Now

Editor Leah got back with her notes for draft two of Every Vow You Break (formerly known as Novel #2). There were two of them: 1) it’s brilliant and 2) she loves it. The story, plot, character and setting notes from draft one are now all fixed! Hurrah!

Before it goes to the copy editor, though, I’ve asked for another couple of weeks to get right on down to the word level, polishing each sentence so that it conveys as succinctly as possible what I am trying to say.… read more

Waving from Edinburgh Festival – Theatre bits

I have been at the Edinburgh Festival for nearly a week now, feeding my beast with lots of great theatre and Book Festival events. I’m staying with OldMan and LittleSon in two studenty bedsit rooms off Leith Walk. Each day, LittleSon and I set off, tickets in hand, to go and see stuff. The best thing we have seen so far (family shows apart) is Beowulf – A Thousand Years of Baggage – a raunchy rock-cabaret rendition of the Seamus Heaney version – with a lovely bit of Anglo Saxon at the end.… read more