Is this a Novel?

So, here’s a sight to make Julie Cohen proud. Pink is one character’s back story, yellow is another, orange is ‘real time’ action. This is just for starters and they’re chronologically arranged. The next thing is to mix them up so that they make sense and power forwards. On the wall behind are the Big Story Questions.  It’s such fun I can’t believe it’s not procrastination!

Only problem is, as the shed warms up, the post-its tumble down, but the advantage of this is that each time it happens, I am forced to consider the Big Story Questions.… read more

Best Laid Plans

CUCKOO paperback – in a bookshop near you, at a nice price

So, I didn’t keep up my resolution to post here three times a week during NaNovember. Man, it’s hard, writing 50,000 words in a month. Even when it’s the day job. Nearly there, though. Just 1500 to do tomorrow before midnight. Might just about do it.

Hats off to everyone who has managed to get their novel written this month. Especially if you’ve had to fit it around work, children, aged parents, ill pets, whatever.… read more