*Emerges briefly from second draft*

Somewhere I have been other than at my desk

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. The reason is that I’ve been busy writing the second draft of novel#2. This means that a) my typing fingers are too exhausted at the end of the day to do a blog post and b) there’s nothing worth blogging about, because all I do is write.

That’s not strictly true, because I have had a little trip to New York, and some lovely nights in and out with friends and family.… read more

New York, New York!

Franklin Stage Company. By local artist Lisbeth Firmin: http://www.lisbethfirmin.com/

The two weeks in upstate New York were entirely fruitful. An immersion in the sensory world was really important – I rely so much on environmental detail to tell my stories. One particular case in point was how noisy the American countryside is, with all the crickets, cicadas, katydids, coyotes, chained up guard dogs and dirt bikes. I had remembered it as being really quiet. And then there’s the different feel of American grass underfoot – coarse, almost sharp – when compared to the more silky British lawn.… read more