Blog Tour Day 3: GIVEAWAY!

This is not a watercolour! It's my photograph of the actual view from the beach in Ikaria.

This is not a watercolour! It’s my photograph of the actual view from a beach in Ikaria.

Today, the Long Fall Blog Tour van stops off at The Book Trail, with a great article about the travelling aspect in the book and a giveaway.

Born out of a love of books and travel, The Book Trail is a blog after my own heart. Subtitled discovering the world, one book at a time, it features reviews and articles on books that involve journeys or have a strong sense of place.… read more

Publication day

Lovely flowers from Headline.

Today is the day that Cuckoo hits the world. It feels a little unreal, though, because I know that people have been able to buy the hardback from Amazon for over a week now – some have read it already – and the launch isn’t until tomorrow. So, after putting the rubbish out,  I’m spending the day mulling over my reading for tomorrow and writing my usual 2000 words for novel #2.… read more