Lazy old bag

Where I am mostly working today. Note Simba hot water bottle.

What do writers and women of the night have in common? Prostitution, you may say**. But we also both work in bed.

Today I am feeling a little ropey, a bit meh, like I’ve got some sort of bug hanging around me. It might have something to do, too, with the last glass of wine I drank last night, which was one more than I should have had.… read more

Thoughts about process

I have spent the last couple of days catching up on admin and reading, trying to flush my mind for the read through of novel #2 (which I hope, one day, will actually have a title). I have had to fill in a couple of interview forms for a couple of places, both of which asked about my process.

While it may sound a little precocious coming from a first-time novelist, I do believe that I have a process, or a way of working that suits me.… read more

So this is how it happens

Today, after a fruitless day yesterday where I wrote myself into a dark hole, (including some inappropriate sex scenes that took me nowhere except to consider making an appointment with a therapist) I sat down with my good old friends from the eighties. Yep. I got out the index cards.

I don’t know why I need cardboard real-life index cards when I have the wonderful Scrivener, which duplicates the process, but virtually. In fact, I then always go on to transcribe the scenes onto the Scrivener more

The First Draft Appears

That’s what it’s feeling like at the moment. I’m in a good spot after a slow summer, producing over 2000 words a day. It just keeps coming and coming, for which I am very grateful.

I am having some very familiar difficulties with self-doubt, but it’s amazing how a deadline makes you push them away. I am aiming to get  to the end of this very first draft by half-term, when I will read it through.… read more