Blog Tour Day 1


Although it seems like only yesterday that I bought a new frock for the launch of Tarnished, I’ve got to go out shopping again, because it’s publication week for my next novel, The Long Fall. 

But it’s not all about the frocks. So here’s a bit about the book:

The central question for me when I started thinking about The Long Fall was how someone can go on living when they are guilty of the worst possible transgression.

The Long Fall is a tense, twisty tale, partly set in Greece in 1980, and partly in 2013 London. The Greek story is told through the diary of Emma, an eighteen year old backpacking around Europe in her year off between school and university. She has adventures – some good, some bad, and one completely, disastrously, life-changing. The London sections follow Kate, a wealthy charity figurehead with an outwardly charmed existence. When a figure from Kate’s past turns up, her perfect life begins to disintegrate around her.

As part of the lead up to publication, I have embarked on a blog tour. Every day this week, a new article will appear on one of the many fantastic book blogs around the internet.

Today we kick off with an interview with me on She Loves to Read, a blog by Laura, a huge fiction fanatic, lover of all things bookish and connoisseur of banoffee pie.


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