Cuckoo is a TV Star

They're smiling, so I think they like it...

Cuckoo was reviewed on Channel 10’s May Book Club on Australian TV. It got some hearty reviews from readers, but an overall thumbs up – although, frustratingly, I can’t see the video because I’m outside Australia.

I have had a week of domestic and administrative tasks while my editor reads novel #2. Nothing takes the mind off work like a bit of shelf-erecting. Oh, and I branched out into my other job over the weekend to twiddle the lighting knobs for OldMan’s show my arm, which he performed in Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

His shows aren’t technically challenging and I know them very well, so I’m the ideal candidate for lighting operator. The venue saves because they only have to pay for one hotel room,  he doesn’t have to pay anyone else, and we get a weekend away somewhere interesting without guilt at leaving the kids, because it’s work. Sunday was free, so we strolled along the Rhine and ate a very creamy meal under some trees by the river. Nice job if you can get it.

Also, I had a very enjoyable evening at The Mint House, an amazing bookshop in the beautiful village of Hustpierpoint in East Sussex. There was a great turnout – they ran out of chairs and glasses, always a good sign. I read and went on and on about my writing, both there and later, in the village pub.. Earlier that day I met lots of local librarians at the Reading Partners Roadshow in Brighton Jubilee Library. I felt very privileged to meet people so passionate about books and reading. And earlier in the week I was guest at a Brighton book group who had read Cuckoo, and had lots to say about it. I’m really enjoying getting out a bit. Just as well, as I seem to have something on every other day this month.

Must remember to write in between times, though….

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