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So, I decided I’d like a new author pic, set outside on the beach, with a bit of wind in me hair.

I went down there on Tuesday with photographer and friend Matthew Andrews. It was only then that I realised that this would entail me standing on the beach looking like a right old poseur, with reflectors pushing sunlight up into the crevices of my face and a bloke pointing a camera at me.

Whenever I’m strolling along the seafront and I see someone having their photo taken in such a fashion, I have a good old look to see if they’re famous or not, and if they aren’t I feel cheated and wonder who that person thinks she is, having her photo taken on the beach like that.

I’m sorry people on Brighton seafront on Tuesday. Sorry to disappoint.

But Matthew is a genius and managed to come up with so many usable pictures that whittling them down to six was quite a chore, involving input from several sources. If you have any opinions on which one should go on the back of Every Vow You Break, please help!

Here they are:

10 thoughts on “New Author Pics

  1. Number 2 for certain! All v nice, but lovely beaming pic always wins the day for me. If an author looks nice and friendly it ups the chances of me buying (and weirdly, enjoying) the book.
    Su xx

  2. Thank you Andy and Su! That’s interesting about a smiley author. That photo also was my Mum and Dad’s favourite (‘because it shows your teeth’)

  3. I’m with you, Su, but the hint (or possibility) of a smile, along with a real sense of strength and intelligence (the glasses are so well framed) are what does it for me with number 4. That and the stray strand of hair.

  4. Hey Julia! FANTASTIC photos! Well done.
    If i seen you getting these photos done i wouldnt have felt cheated, i would have been like a mad fan and ran at you in a maniac like fashion, haha.
    I like number 3 and number 6 the best. Although they are all very nice.

  5. They are all gorgeous, but I like number 2 too and number 6. You look intelligent but friendly, and open and there is something about your eyes (and the tilt of your head I have just realised)! xxxxxxx

  6. How appropriate to discover this post! I am at the awkward stage in my debut novel promotion where I realise it is time to do The Photo. (In one interview on my daughter said I look like a man, my son said I seem like a Goth.) It is very disconcerting the way preferences totally diverge (I thought I looked okay there). I disagree with all above and like number 3! You look relaxed, at peace, inviting.

    1. HI Catherine. Thank you! From my limited experience, I’d say take your time over deciding on the photo, and ask everyone you know and your publishing professionals which one suits best. They see you in a different way to the way you see yourself. And pay someone good to take it. I’ve always done that and I’ve been really surprised and happy with the results

  7. Hi Julia again. Yes you are right about employing a good photographer, but all my photographer mates live abroad. And a consensus – that is going to be difficult but a good suggestion. My book is commercial women’s fiction, called The Divorced Lady’s Companion to Living in Italy, and will be released in early 2012. I can’t wait – the editing is much more tiresome than I thought! Ciao Catherine

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