Oh No!

Cuckoo by Wendy Perriam

Cuckoo by Linda Anderson

I thought that there were no novels called just CUCKOO. But I did a thorough search on Amazon and came up with two, both out of print:

Cuckoo by Wendy Perriam (pub 1992)
Cuckoo by Linda Anderson (pub 1986)

Simon asks for other title ideas, and I try, I really try.

But CUCKOO is right for so many reasons – because it can mean mad, because of the eggs, because of cuckoos coming in and taking over the nest. Because of the bird events and symbolism in the story, because it’s set in the Spring…


Because Cowbirds do the Cuckoo in the Nest thing. It’s an American bird though, so not so specifically of England as the Cuckoo. I would like the title to remain birdish, because of the eggs. Whilst it lacks the madness thing, I do like the very literalness of Cowbird, as a reference to Polly, one of the main characters.

In the end, possibly because of my eloquent argument, or (more likely) because of my useless alternative, we decide it is OK to stick with CUCKOO. The other books can only be bought second hand. I am mighty relieved. It would be like renaming one of your children once they had reached puberty.

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