And Back to Work

What I did in my holidays. Come and see this if you fancy 'a rather tiresome sight gag involving leopard-print underpants' (Independent)

I just got my editor’s notes through, and I’m very excited. It has been a long wait, with me alternating between telling myself that a) she is very busy and has lots of notes to write for lots of novels and b) that the novel has revealed itself to be so full of problems and loopholes and red herrings and, just, well, shite writing, that it is taking her far longer than she anticipated. I wonder how rare it is for a pain in the arse author to chase up their editor? It felt good though, to do it, because usually I’m the one apologising for being late.

Anyway, I have 10 pages of very wonderful notes. A lot of them are small line-edits and a there are a couple of slightly bigger things to consider. She also gave me a couple of very encouraging couple of paras at the beginning, which have made me feel all proud and shivery. Well worth the wait. I’m raring to go. But first, in typical writerly spirit, I am procrastinating by going on about it here (see previous post).

In the meantime, I have been getting on with life, putting up wardrobes, sourcing door furniture (that’s what we do around here), visiting parents in an incredibly verdant South Cambs, sneaking LittleSon off to a Billy Elliot matinee (while his future-of-modern-theatre father isn’t around), and going around going on and on about Cuckoo. I have also been working on OldMan’s website, which as you can see, I still haven’t finished, and the Edinburgh Festival poster and flyers for his show, I, Malvolio, which were delivered, miraculously, on time.

But all that can stop now. I have proper writing to do again! Hurrah!

Oh, alright then, I’ll finish the website.


3 thoughts on “And Back to Work

  1. Go on, get on with it, woman. You have an audience to consider now – don’t keep us waiting for novel #2! When’s the hardback due out, Winter 2012?

    p.s. Tell Tim I like the sound of an undercrackers gag…

  2. I’m on it, Laura, honestly! It’s due out beginning of March 2012, so I need to get my skates on. The undercrackers gag is classic. Especially on the adult, late night showing, where they get rather brief…

  3. Coming out in a flush just thinking about briefs. I’m back to third draft of novel#2, having sent copy edit back to editor this morning. Feels good to meet up with old friends again. I’ve been away from these characters for too long.

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