But is the husband me?

So, the verdict on the first draft of novel #2 is out.

AgentSimon: “Fucking hellfire, that’s a good book.” Followed by lots of suggestions for improvement, ending with the wonderful words “You aren’t a one-hit wonder”. Which is what a second-time novelist needs to hear from her agent. AssistantAriella has since got back to me with a list of wonderful notes, that are all going into the second draft.

OldMan: “It’s great. But is Marcus-the-husband me?” Me: “No, of course not**. He has a fine head of ginger hair.” (Old Man has a fine head. But not much hair.). He also had some very useful notes.

So now novel #2 is with my editor. Everything is crossed that she likes it too. It’s a nervy time for me. I’m very excited about starting the next draft, but I have to hold back until I get her verdict and notes. So I’m whiling away the time thinking up novel #3….

And May is a very busy month with Cuckoo events. Have a look at the Outings page for details.

** I want to emphasise for the record that Marcus the husband is NOT OldMan. He is made up completely. The fact that both he and Marcus-the-husband are actors is merely coincidental. I hope everyone will bear this in mind if they ever read it.

2 thoughts on “But is the husband me?

  1. Everything’s sounding brilliant for novel #2, I was always sure it would. I’m very excited to hear you thinking about #3 as well!

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