Nearing the end

I am so close to the end of first draft – and I am so enjoying writing it at the moment. When it’s all going well, and you have to tear yourself away to eat, read, write blog, it’s all so marvellous, this writing thing.

other times, of course, it can be sheer, bloody hell.

What I am itching to do is start the work on the second draft, though. I want to rip it up, move it round, delete, add, invent and weave. Love that bit. But I do need a first draft first, more’s the pity.

Had a lovely Irish visitation the other day – Andy White, the 21st Century Troubadour, was playing at our wonderful muse-o pub down the road, the Greys, and his sister Cathy, an actor friend who lives in Bray, came to sing with him and stay with us. Old Man stayed up enjoying the craic until 3am. Me, I sloped off at midnight. Some of us have first drafts to finish.

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