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Lovely flowers from Headline.

Today is the day that Cuckoo hits the world. It feels a little unreal, though, because I know that people have been able to buy the hardback from Amazon for over a week now – some have read it already – and the launch isn’t until tomorrow. So, after putting the rubbish out,  I’m spending the day mulling over my reading for tomorrow and writing my usual 2000 words for novel #2. Shortly I will go for a walk to the bank to get some cash out and to find a small suitcase in the pound shop for LittleSon’s Paddington Bear outfit for school tomorrow. Is this what publication day is like for Ian McEwan? Is this how it hangs for Franzen?

Lots of lovely tweets coming through. Thanks tweeps!

Here are a few more of the lovely reviews for Cuckoo. I’ll gather them together into a reviews page soon. Plus, the big news is that Cuckoo is top of the Heat Magazine chart with a five star review.  I remember making that a wild prediction once when Daughter and I flicked through a copy (OK, we were poring over it), while negotiations were going on with publishers. I never, ever, not in a million years, thought that one would come true…

Cuckoo is a riveting and spooky story that keeps your eyes locked on the page, and leaves you feeling shaken and out of sorts.”

“(Cuckoo is a) compelling novel… Hauntingly believable..”

Stylist Magazine

“I woke this morning with the thought of the book still fresh with me and a craving to read the book again in a week’s time to ensure I got everything. I look forward to reading more from this author in years to come.”


“a magnificent debut from Julia Crouch. Cuckoo, so aptly titled, is a stunning introduction to her work and I for one can’t wait to read her next novel.”

Milo’s Rambles

Plus, there are a couple of articles out there: On my musical inspiration on Crimetime, and a Chat with.. on High Heels and Book Deals. I’m being let out from time to time, too. Have a look at my Outings Page to find out where I’m popping up.

Finally, I spent a lovely Monday signing reams of hardbacks for Goldsboro Books, a wonderful bookstore tucked away in Cecil Court, just off Charing Cross Road, which is a magical alleyway full of antique, antiquarian and specialist booksellers. Goldsboro specialise in signed first edition hardbacks, and have just moved into a larger, lighter shop a few doors down. If you’re in London and you love books, do take a look.

The evidence, on display, in Brighton Waterstone's

9 thoughts on “Publication day

    1. Oh, old man. These are just details. Let a lady novelist indulge in a bit of fiction to make her story more interesting…

  1. Congratulations again! Can’t wait to start reading.

    Without wishing to sound all stalkery, I’m sure I know you/have met before. Did you hang out at Bristol Old Vic in the late 80s/early 90s with Foz Allan, Carrie Hilton, Sally Mais etc? I worked there. Or am I going, dare I say it, Cuckoo?

    1. Hi, Yes, that’s me. I was Julia Limer then, directing Public Parts Theatre Company. How extraordinary. And you’re down in Brighton now? What are you doing about schools?

  2. Hi Julia – it was great to meet you last night at Crawley library. Hope you managed to get to Three Bridges in time for a decent train back to Brighton. All the very best of luck with Cuckoo – it sounded great in your reading!

    1. HI Alis. Great to meet you, too. Yes – Neil gave me a lift and I literally stepped onto the platform and onto a train to Brighton. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy your book at the event. I’ll order it from Amazon. I loved your reading. Jx

  3. Hi, I discovered your blog last night (I was looking for blogs about first time novel writing), and I have to say I was richly rewarded. I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. reading about your pilgrim’s progress with the new novel, and I found myself rooting for you, as if I was watching a movie like “Rocky” (no, don’t worry, I’m not comparing you to Rocky, ha). Then I read that you were inspired by “The Boatman’s Call”, one of my favorite albums ever. I think I cried for a whole day when I first heard it. I had no idea PJ Harvey was the woman with whom Nick Cave was obsessed. Very interesting! You must read “Savage Beauty”, Nancy Milford’s biography of the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. Millay was this type of woman and the bio is riveting. Also, can you post some of your other music choices, as those of us in the U.S. cannot access Spotify. Another song recommendation: “My Sister” from the Tindersticks’ 2nd?? album (the one with the photos of the band at the tailor shop). Movie recommendation: “L’Intrus” by Claire Denis (w/ a surprising, out of the ordinary soundtrack by one of the Tindersticks). L’Intrus comes, as one reviewer put it, “straight from Denis’ psyche to yours” – it’s so visceral that dialog is almost unnecessary (just what a novelist wants to hear, oh well!!). Look forward to reading your book.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Paula. Thanks for your kind comments! It did feel a bit like Rocky, in fact…I’ll look up those books and music. I didn’t realise you couldn’t get Spotify in the USA – but I guess it makes licensing sense. I’ll post a link to a text version of the playlist shortly. Best wishes x

  4. Julia loved the book just finished it tonight. I was even reading it whilst walking to the train station on way home from work trying to see the words in the street lights! Could have been dangerous!! Fabulous! Look forward to reading more. Julie (Dublin)

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