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Dreaming up The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party is set in Loutró, a real village, on the rugged southern coast of Crete,[…]

Walking the dog

While I was writing my new novel, The Perfect Date, I gave it the working title The[…]

The New Mother

How to turn your obsession into justifiable research… Over the past year I have been looking at[…]

Her Husband’s Lover – only 99p

Her Husband’s Lover is now only 99p in the Kindle Spring Sale. It’s been getting fantastic reviews by[…]

Her Husband’s Lover – Out Now!

Her Husband’s Lover is out NOW in Trade Paperback and Kindle. It’s been getting fantastic reviews by bloggers, other writers,[…]

Her Husband’s Lover Launch

Her Husband's Lover is out in trade paperback and Kindle on January 27 2017.

We're celebrating with a[…]