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Dreaming up The Surprise Party

The Surprise Party is set in Loutró, a real village, on the rugged southern coast of Crete,[…]

Walking the dog

While I was writing my new novel, The Perfect Date, I gave it the working title The[…]

The Daughters by Julia Crouch

One Year, Two Books

How long does it take to write a novel? My first book Cuckoo took me my entire[…]

A Sense of Place

When I’m thinking of a new story, I usually start with a ‘what if’ question – what[…]

Her Husband’s Lover Playlist – Why

In which I explain my reasoning behind choosing the playlist I posted yesterday: Straight to You Nick[…]

Her Husband’s Lover Playlist

Last month, I was invited to put together a playlist of songs that inspired Her Husband’s Lover. This[…]

CUCKOO – just 99p

My first novel Cuckoo is an Amazon Kindle daily deal today, Saturday 27 August. Buy it now for just[…]