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They've arrived! Real books, nestling on a fleece

Guilt! Guilt! I’m a bad, infrequent blogger.

I am busier than I ever thought it was possible to be. I mean it’s only one book that’s being published on March 3. And I’m working on the second draft of just one other book, to be delivered at the latest by the end of March, but ideally in the middle of the month.

Two things. That’s not much. When I was web designing I was juggling five or six projects all the time.  But these books are so BIG. Almost all my time and attention go on them now. OldMan is in Los Angeles, doing The Author at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, so it’s kids, feed yourselves! house, fall into chaos!

I’m loving every moment of it, though. I get to write for anything up to ten hours a day, and the rest of the time Sam Eades, my lovely publicist at Headline is keeping me busy with interviews, preparations for the launch and articles to write.

My calendar is filling up, too with visits to libraries and festivals. I’ll do a Where I’m At page soon, just so that I’ll know where I am. But the most exciting news is that Val McDermid has asked for me to be on the New Blood panel at the Harrogate Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. This is a great honour for a debut novelist.

Cuckoo has had another couple of great reviews:

“Cuckoo is a dark, unsettling read. As Rose’s life spirals out of control, you share every step. It’s very hard to put down, and has stayed with me since finishing. It’s a brilliant debut, which is highly recommended.”

BCF Book Reviews Read the full review

“There are twists and turns throughout the book, but the ending still managed to blow me away. This was a book that stayed with me for days, I kept catching my thoughts wandering back to it.

If this is what Julia Crouch writes for a debut novel I’m very excited to see what’s going to come next.”

Juniper’s Jungle Read the full review

Finally, it’s coming up to full moon, which means I can’t sleep *werewolf howl*. So last night I spent a very fruitful hour at about 3am putting together a Spotify playlist for Cuckoo. The link is over there, on the right. Just click on the pink suitcase.

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